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Geminis are born between May 22 and June 22, and belong to the Air element of the zodiac along with Libra and Aquarius. Geminis are the liveliest of the Air sign gang - versatile, youthful, curious and fun.

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Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which makes them fast, witty and super into communications. Words are their weapon of choice. These guys ALL have big personalities. They skim-read and acquire titbits of knowledge, like the Mercurial magpie they are, BUT it only ever reaches skin-deep. Their interest rarely lingers long enough for them to truly delve into any one subject. A post shared by virgo bitchez virg0astrology on Apr 22, at am PDT. Their leaning on the analytical, mental, cerebral side of life makes it easier for them to disconnect and see situations dispassionately.

Happily for them, they tend to be the Peter Pan of the zodiac - both physically and mentally. The flip side of looking young and being so perky can mean they are also flaky, childish and silly at times. They also party WAY too much. Tough shit. Reading and writing. Fucking partying. Bear in mind, older Gemmys may move from the night club into day drinking or dinner parties. Making a gazillion friends then not speaking to any of them. That said, the emotional requirements of maintaining relationships can swiftly overwhelm them and then, honestly, they just cut the now dead wood away.

I think a Gemini invented ghosting.

The Dark Side To The Gemini Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Chatting shit and drinking wine. Blah blah blah, fucking hate her, blah blah blah, did you know what happened?

A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on Mar 19, at pm PDT. Many people fleetingly fancy the Gemmys because of their youthful, fun, partying exterior… but not THAT many can get past their actual chilly nature and need to be free and untethered. Relationships are sometimes difficult for them. Just one person for forever and forever? People born under the Gemini zodiac sign are incredibly smart, funny, talkative and interesting individuals who are adaptable and able to see both sides of any situation.

Their compulsive minds can bounce from one topic to another with ease, which makes them fun people to be around. However, Geminis are easily distracted so they're often unable to finish what they've started. The Gemini dates are May 21 - June Read on if you want to find out more about the Gemini meaning , personality, traits and Gemini dates compatibility. Read your horoscope Check Gemini compatibility. Gemini Man Gemini Woman. Gemini strengths: clever, energetic, adjustable, witty, imaginative Gemini weaknesses: impulsive, superficial, restless, indecisive Gemini likes: conversations, people with a sense of humor, using their imagination, solving problems, playing games Gemini dislikes: being bored, people who are set in their ways, being pinned down, growing old.

People born under the sign of Gemini are dual-natured, inconsistent and complex. They often find it difficult to stick to one thing so they tend to change courses and fail to complete tasks. However, these individuals are charming, high-spirited and have a great sense of humor. They demand admiration and attention from those around them.

According to astrology Gemini people are very intelligent, creative and curious individuals with an ability to learn quickly and easily.

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Although they are clever and usually good at giving advice and solving problems, they can be really indecisive and superficial at times. They impress other people with their great communication skills and are proficient in multi-tasking. These people are often generous and kind and thanks to their friendly attitude, they're able to make friends with ease. Gemini people need to have different friends for different shared activities and conversations.

They can easily win people's hearts with their optimistic and childish approach to all things in life. A Gemini friend is a very generous and loyal friend who is always willing to help and spend lots of time with their friends. But even though they are very social people, even they need some time for themselves.

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  4. As parents, people born with the Sun in Gemini are fun, reasonable and liberal. One of their biggest problems when it comes to parenting is forming a close, intimate bond with their children. Many Geminis tend to live adventurous lives, so they end up neglecting the physical needs of their children. Even though communication is one of their strengths, Geminis are not so good at expressing their emotions.

    However, Gemini people are parents who are open and understanding and they know how to bring a sense of fun and humor to their home. Being a mutable air sign, Geminis believe that love is all about meeting of minds. Gemini people are not good at expressing their true feelings and they avoid getting too deeply involved in their love affairs. Geminis are best known for their intelligence and their active minds, so it's obvious that they're attracted to intelligent people. Nevertheless, when it comes to love and relationships, their biggest strength is their great communication skills.

    These people enjoy chatting endlessly to their partners, whether remotely or in person. They don't talk about their real emotions, though. Geminis have a cold-hearted side, so they're probably not the right person for all the sensitive zodiac signs out there. As partners, Gemini people aren't easily kept in one place. They have a hard time finding a sexual attraction with people that have good looks but are not very intelligent.

    When it comes to romantic relationships, they have to feel motivated and adventurous with the person beside them. They also need someone who understands their regular personality shifts and mood swings, and once they find that person they will never let them go.

    To a Gemini, sex is always going to be a light-hearted affair. It has to be a fun experience, because love and devotion are not necessary for the Geminis to enjoy the experience. While this approach is considered superficial by many, for others it's a welcome relief from those intense love affairs. The Gemini horoscope sign is most compatible with people born under the signs of Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

    Communicative, energetic, witty, imaginative and restless, Gemini is a partner who's always looking for new ways of pleasure. Ruled by Mercury, the messenger of Gods, Gemini individuals are known for their communication skills and friendly personality.

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    A relationship with a Gemini is as unpredictable and unstable as it gets. These childish spirited people find it difficult to be in a serious relationship. Also, they don't particularly like the idea of finding one true love and staying committed to them. Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and fellow Gemini seem to not be bothered by their approach to love, as they are highly compatible with the Twins.

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    Learn more about Gemini compatibility with other zodiac signs here:. Geminis are well suited for careers that require clear and easy communication. Thanks to their incredible communication skills and their intelligent minds, Gemini people can interact well with others. The mind of Gemini keeps coming up with new and innovative ideas and has the ability to see things in a different light, which makes the Gemini a great employee.

    Gemini people are not overly concerned about the money they possess and they can quite happily spend all their cash on one project only if they find it sufficiently interesting.

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    A Gemini man is charming and lively — a man with very active body and mind. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini man loves traveling and gets easily bored.