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While also being great listeners and friends. As Neptune, your birth planet enters Mars today, you will see transformations to new acquaintances. Try not to be submissive near your friends during this period. The wordly element linked to you by your sign is Water.

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Water is most associated with being calm, soothing, and healing. People associated with water are able to adapt to any situation, are able to find happiness wherever life takes them, and tend to be uncommonly open to change. But do not take this easy going attitude for weakness. Although normally calm, and excessively easy going, this element is known to be one of the most ferocious and powerful of them all, be eminently cautious when they're in an off mood and don't force them into an unfavorable situation they don't want to be in.

Zodiac and Horoscope signs and traits are determined by the phases of the planets, which constellations you are born under, and draw energies from. Generally we have set dates for these astrological periods, but this doesn't tell the whole story! The phases of the constellations are just that, phases! There is not hard start or end to them because they blend together.

So if you are born close to the start or end of a phase, you will experience traits from both. One reason for this could be because early-spring babies are often the oldest kids in their class and they may be more intellectually developed by the time they arrive at school in September.

March 20 Zodiac Sign: Birthday Horoscope, Personality, Compatibility

Thus, March and April babies perform better in school and could have an advantage in the business world later on. Often some of the first blossoms to emerge from the chilly earth in early spring, daffodils are always a welcome indication that warmer, brighter days are right around the corner.

Daffodils are often associated with joy and friendship, along with rebirth and optimism. Daffodils are cherished around the world , including in China where they arrive around the Chinese New Year and symbolize luck and prosperity. The daffodil is also the national flower of Wales, typically worn on March 1 for St. Although winter-born folks can boast the best vision, those with birthdays in the early spring — including March — are less prone to myopia short-sightedness than those born in the summer months.

If you think Jan. The Romans would mark their new years based on the vernal equinox , which occurs in March, and which is what we now call the first day of spring. Julius Caesar finally introduced a new, solar-based calendar in 46 B. With its connection to the ocean, aquamarine was once seen as the treasure of mermaids, and it was carried by sailors to protect against drowning. Although less commonly used in jewelry as the March gemstone, bloodstone is still associated with the month of March and the Pisces zodiac sign.

Also known as heliotrope, the stone is said to have powerful healing properties with the ability to cleanse the body of negative energies and infuse the holder with fortitude and strength. It has been prized in numerous cultures for its perceived abilities to control the weather, provide energy and heal disorders.

Children born in the autumn and winter months are more likely than their springtime- and summer-born peers to develop an allergic condition, such as asthma, according to research out of the UK. Those born in March — especially under the astrological sign of Pisces — are said to be artistic, passionate and willing to give of themselves emotionally.

March-born Bryan Cranston has portrayed a president, a blacklisted writer and perhaps the most well-known drug dealer ever. And the Oscar-nominated singer, actor and late-March baby, Lady Gaga, is known for raw, emotional performances on both stage and screen. Getty Images Vittorio Zunino Celotto.

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In a study that made connections between birth months and diseases, March babies along with those born in February and April were found to be less prone to developing neurological disorders than those born in other months. People with March birthdays also tend to suffer less from respiratory conditions, while October babies are more prone to them. But examining these connections can help scientists see new complexities in the causes of certain diseases.

March-born people are more prone to cardiovascular diseases than those born in any other month of the year. Just more reason to stay active and eat those heart-healthy meals. Many people let out a sigh of relief when March rolls around, as it marks the official start of spring — an end to the winter doldrums and a promise of long, warm days ahead.

Other markers of transition and spiritual renewal also occur in March, such as daylight savings time, and sometimes Easter and Passover. Person Born on March 2nd If you are born on March 2nd then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information about you as every year on March 2nd Sun will be in same position.

Every planets has different frequency and take more or less time to revolve around Sun compared to earth , hence all the other planet will be in different location every year on March 2nd. Sun is the most powerful among all other powers hence Being Sun on a fixed location on March 2nd on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about you from your horoscope or kundali..

Characteristics: You are a person of great may power and determination. Friends: The persons who are born on the months of February and the later part of November may be very favourable for you in terms of friendship. Health: You may not able to maintain a good health in your life. Colour: With the help of pale green coloured dresses, you may able to make your fortune more promising and prominent.

Finance: You have to face an uncertainty in terms of your financial condition in your whole life. Career: You like the art and you may make your career more prosperous with the help of those fields which are related to artistic field. Famous Persons born on March 2nd are listed bellow. Our experienced astrologers will carefully analyze your profile and provide astrological solutions.. Price INR Rs. Moon Phase Now. Moon Age Today is 6.

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