Scorpio sign compatibility chart

It is so very easy to attach yourselves to each other! Because each of you possesses a powerful feeling nature and a tendency to bond intensely with important people in your lives, you sense in each other a basic similarity in temperaments and goals. There are differences, of course, in your natures, but this overall similarity can strengthen the bond between you. CANCER, on the other hand, is more apt to sulk or withdraw when hurt, and usually lets the other person know generally in a nonverbal manner!

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You may also have different attitudes towards sexuality versus love. Overall, though, the intense bonding and emotionality of your relationship fosters a deep, lasting attachment between you. Intimacy is likely to come more easily to you as a couple than it does for others, and loyalty is important to you both.

Both of you are very proud, stubborn, strong-willed individuals and you are attracted to the strength of character that you sense in each other. There is a feeling of conquest between you that may serve to intensify the excitement of your attraction to each other. However, your strong wills may also prove to be a problem in a long-term relationship.

Scorpio Compatibility

You face the possibility that your combined inflexibility will make it difficult for the two of you to reach mutually satisfying decisions and both of you tend to stubbornly resist compromising when your preferences are different. A battle of wills is likely to ensue!

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Another potential problem is jealousy or lop-sided bonding. You both need to strive to harmonize your different natures and not antagonize each other, but the chances of doing so are very high, as you both sense in one another a generally compatible attitude towards life. For example, both of you want a close relationship, but SCORPIO can become intensely fixated on a person and possessive, whereas LIBRA maintains a sense of proportion and some reasonable degree of objectivity and emotional distance from others, even in marriage.

These differences need not create serious problems in your relationship. Emotional bonds between you can be very strong, especially if other astrological indications indicate strong romantic or sexual ties. Your partnership is an intense one, and you are likely to become very attached to, or obsessed with each other. If romantic attraction is even reasonably strong, this relationship could easily lead to marriage. First of all, both of you are very oriented towards marriage.

You prefer to be wholeheartedly involved in a deep relationship or not at all.

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Both of you are also prone to be possessive and very emotionally attached to anyone that you give your love to. Like most lasting, important relationships, yours will have its share of difficult times, and you both seem to thrive on passionate, tempestuous interactions. Stormy fights and sizzling reunions may typify your relationship.

You both love intensely and you hate with equal ferocity, so your relationship is likely to be either deeply satisfying or very destructive to you both; there is no middle ground for the two of you! The two of you are so different that it will take a lot of compassion and understanding for you to be together for any length of time.

Both of you are initially very careful about revealing feelings, motives and vulnerabilities; you are unwilling to reveal your depths to others initially. It takes time for both of you to trust and become open emotionally.

The Traits of the Two Signs

Both of you have a natural suspiciousness and reserve, and both are disinclined to have casual relationships. This may create an emotional gap between you that may well be hard to reconcile.

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You are also both stubborn, rather opinionated, and inflexible. Both of you are very sensitive, feeling, compassionate people, and with one another you are able to have a depth of sharing and intimacy and emotional union that you will find with few others. Basically however, you are quite compatible and can have a very fulfilling union.

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Remember that comparing Sun signs is just the tip of the iceberg. There is far more to compatibility! With its sting it is most definitely an animal to be feared. After such things as nuclear tests one of the few known survivors is the scorpion. Most definitely people with scorpio energy have great endurance and physical strength. Their lives are often not simple and involve great challenge but quite often through this they survive and transform to a different level.

With their depth of feeling Scorpios often have to battle deep internal emotions and can suffer from periods of isolation and desperation. A Scorpio is someone you most definitely would not want to have as your enemy. They say you can tell a Scorpio from their deep intense , penetrating stare. In a contest of holding someones glare don't bet on the Scorpio to be the first to turn away.

Infact in a conflict you can pretty much say a Scorpio will be the one with the last word or he'll die trying to do so in the process. This revenge may take the form of a cold and calculated act. Astrologically one of the worst conflict of energies can be that of a Leo and Scorpio.

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Neither of these two signs of intense power will back down. On the positive side though you couldn't have a better friend than a Scorpio. For people they like they will go through anything and endure any hardship. The sign was traditionally ruled by the planet Mars. This gave it it's strength and sexuality and power. However it is now also attributed to rulership by the planet Pluto.

This gives Scorpio it's deep ability to transform a person through purging that which is unhealthy or destructive in the personality, often through suffering.