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Historically, our track record on hindsight is much better than it is on foresight! There have been some spectacularly accurate predictions made by astrologers in the public realm over the centuries; a famous one was made by Luc Gauricus in to the effect that King Henry II of France then aged thirty-seven was in danger of death in his forty-second year, by a head injury incurred in single combat in an enclosed space. And five years later Henry duly died of a lance splinter which entered his eyes and pierced his brain.

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There have also been some spectacular failures, e. We do much better at describing the essence of a pattern, but identifying the exact branches is much more hit and miss.

Personally this cheers me, since it appears to suggest a creative balance between fate and free will in the universe; chaos theory in contemporary physics also has strong parallels with the astrological paradigm. Indeed, a view and a model are slowly emerging, despite considerable resistance from the diehard defenders of reductionism, which can demonstrate convincingly that the lenses of astrology and quantum physics are focusing on the same underlying, all encompassing Reality. I urge any readers of this blog who are keen to expand their own perspectives to explore their work. Most astrologers have had the humbling experience of looking at the horoscope of a client which looks so difficult that the impending consultation feels very stressful, but upon encountering the client, they meet someone who has faced, dealt with, and grown through hard experiences that would have flattened a less aware person.

We can never predict the level of awareness of a client we have never met, although we can have a pretty good idea that, e. Predicting that a specific branch will manifest may well close down possibilities rather than open them up, which also takes us into the realm of self-fulfilling prophecy. This has had a supportive, deepening effect on our marriage and not one I could possibly have envisaged before Uranus crossed my Descendant. Having just made what I hope is a coherent case for specific prediction being a practice of dubious merit and only intermittent accuracy, here is my own striking experience of being on the receiving end of a specific prediction I never asked for, at a time when I was a typical astrology dismisser, i.

Bath, Somerset, England, June I was engrossed in the Sunday evening chore of doing washing in the launderette on the London Road, near where I lived. It was a liminal time in my life. After having resigned from a lecturing job, I was preparing to leave Bath, and a return to the Outer Hebrides was imminent. A strange looking couple came in, accompanied by a little girl of about five years old. The woman was tall, slender, with long dark hair, a very scruffy Afghan coat, and a distinct look of Cher of Sonny and Cher fame.


The man was smaller than her, slight, with unruly greying hair and a mischievous face. I carried on with my laundry. The little girl was chatty; soon, she was putting money into the dryer for me, I was telling her stories, and we had become great friends. I met her parents. They were both artists and astrologers. I had given one of my mature students a very hard time a couple of years before for her public devotion to what seemed to me a subject unworthy of someone of her intelligence.

Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in their cramped basement kitchen, drinking tea, and being charmed by Seamus. His combination of erudition, intensity, conviction, humour, and blarney was irresistible. Whether I wanted such a procedure embarked upon or not was of no consequence to him. As I watched, interested in spite of myself, Gloria and Seamus assembled a hefty tome, a slim pamphlet, blank sheets of paper, a calculator, a fountain pen, and a newly sharpened pencil. Seamus took a blank sheet, carefully drawing a circle freehand in its centre. That was bad enough, not least because it reminded me of certain aspects of myself!

Worse was to follow. Then, with true rhetorical skill, he delivered the punch line.

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You have a deeply spiritual nature, which needs to find meaning and connection with something greater than yourself. Until you manage that, you will be driven by the same restlessness that still drives your father, and you will not find inner peace. I was utterly shocked. I had known those people for less than an hour, most of which had been spent walking back from the launderette to their flat and organising cups of tea.

They knew nothing about me of any significance. How could they produce such specific and accurate material from marks on a piece of paper? It seemed beyond absurd.

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  • Slowly, I carried my laundry home. There was no way I could find to make sense of the experience I had just had.

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    There was no file inside my head into which it could fit. I had no idea why, but had enough respect for that friend and his opinions to begin reading. And my transits at the time? The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra exactly conjunct natal 2nd-house Neptune and exactly sextile natal 11th-house Mercury my ruling planet ; Uranus crossing the natal IC; Neptune beginning a long opposition to the natal 10th-house Uranus-Mars conjunction, and trine to the natal 12th-house Sun; Pluto trine natal Uranus and sextile natal Sun; North Node conjunct natal Mercury.

    A summons, pretty much. Hopefully, the jolt will have the effect of breaking down some of our old defences and letting new experience and new knowledge enter our lives. I still think about the encounter with him, his child, and partner nearly 40 years later. Did his prediction, at some subliminal level, point my life in a direction that it would not otherwise have gone?

    I will never know. But I do know, as a result of our encounter, that whatever my reservations are about the wisdom of offering such specific outcomes to people, astrologers sometimes have the power to do just that. Bio: Anne Whitaker is a writer and astrologer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Anne blogs at Writing from the Twelfth House at anne-whitaker. Highly motivated to provide financially for his brood, he decides to use his skill set to cook exceptionally high-quality meth, and enlists the help of Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul , a chem-inept former student with drug connections.

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    Describing the series as a tale of Mr. Out-of-the-box thinking. As an Aquarian, born February 10, , in Richmond, Virginia source: Wikipedia; no birth time listed , Gilligan espouses non-conformity.

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    So does White, by virtue of his choosing the anarchistic profession of meth maker and dealer. The Aquarian bent for reveling in decimating old structures and ways of thinking is mirrored in White, who essentially explodes his old self, metaphorically wakes up, and reinvents himself. White becomes a revolutionary, replacing one form of death for another. Yod with apex to Aquarian Sun. Three-planet conjunction in Pisces.

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    Had Gilligan been born at a. She runs a car-wash business as a money-laundering Pisces enterprise. Slippery Pisces encourages shape-shifting, an activity her husband excels at. To mount a television series, Gilligan obviously needs a sizable number of cohorts. Similarly, to accomplish his goal, White needs to work closely with another person — Jesse, at first, and later with larger drug entities — but competition Mars is still part of the Libran equation.

    Grand trine in water. Sun square Neptune.

    This is an aspect suggesting a blurring of ego with a view toward expressing compassion and seeking communion with the Divine, sometimes through drugs and sometimes involving deceit. White takes on Sun a fake Neptune persona behind which he can cook meth Neptune , and becomes a father figure Sun to Jesse.

    He also tries to reach God in the best way he knows how — by becoming a deity in his own mind. Six planets in water signs.